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[Welcome] Design your home , Improve your living , Select quality and select JNK STONE
Natural Stone Sales .
Welcome to JNK STONE to purchase your stone . JNK STONE, the most trusted name in natural stone, is the leading global supplier and fabricator of natural stone products. Here, Over 350 colors, various marble , granite ,Onxy, limestone and sandstone, Quartz, Reconstituted Marble for free choice. Local & imported , Wide selection,Selected suppliers, All-day production,Cut upon request,  100% selected products.
Direct price from us Save 50% for your Inventory , At JNK, you'll find over 350 products carefully chosen for their quality and value to help you enhance your wharehouse and your career.
we have been in the stone industry selling stone for over 30 years and pride ourselves on giving an excellent service to the public, importer, wholesales , merchant, builders,designer and industries from Europe and U.S.A. All our stone are available in any amount and discounts are available on large orders of stone.
For the last 20 years stone have become very poupular especially . Visit us oftern, as we continuously monitor new living trends and add new products monthly.
With over 20 products categories, including slabs , tiles. building stone,paving setts , Coping stones. kerb stone and garden paving slabs and cobbles , block paving , York stone , Statues, Fountains , Fire Pits and Giftes, we are the best choice for yous stone source .
if you would like any information on stone products , please get in touch and we will be very happy to help in any way we can , Now Email us. 

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