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Name:Lotus Buddha in Relief



Lotus Buddha in Relief
Size: 24", 30"H 
Weight: 795 lbs, 1100 lbs 
Product Code: LBIR-24, LBIR-30 


Finish: Grey Granite

Almost like an ancient relic that has been found deep in the crust of the earth, this feature comes to life in the form of a carving in relief. Highly detailed, this unique piece is hand-carved into an all natural granite boulder that has been bottom sawn for stability. Hours of painstaking artistry encompasses this Lotus Buddha figure. It is available in two distinct sizes, 24" and 30" heights. Being hand-made, each piece is slightly different from the next but this makes it a truly one-of-kind conversation piece.



 LBIR-24  W: ~" (~ cm), H: 24" (61 cm), D: TBD" (~ cm)  795 lbs
 LBIR-30  W: ~" (~ cm), H: 30" (76 cm), D: TBD" (~ cm)  1100 lbs

Note: All colors, weights and measurements are approximate.


Available materials
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